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Qingdao Topsun Boat Co., Ltd
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Address:Shandong Province ÇൺCity À´Î÷Íû³ÇIndustry Garden Ö¥î·Road Ò» No.
ÇൺÀ³Î÷ 266601, Shandong
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Registration Date:Sep. 04, 2007
Last Updated:Sep. 05, 2007
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Sports & Entertainment category

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Qingdao Topsun Boat Co., Ltd. is a producer dealing mainly in P.V.C inflatable boats in qingdao , Shandong Province of China, which is specializing in boat designing, manufacturing and selling. We have advanccd technology, professional engineers, rich experience and last year we had cooperated with many countries covering both domestic and adroad markets. We have made great progress because our boats are enjoying high reputation for good quality. We believe that you will be satisfied with our boats and service and sincerely hope to be of service to you soon.

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